6th Assignments

March 19-23

Morning Jumpstarts 43, 44:  (Word of the Day, Sentence Mender, Cursive Quote, Analogy, Parts of Speech) 


Monday: Amos Fortune Wrap-Up: The Evergreen Years

Tuesday: Grandma Forgets Her Glasses--Text Pages 178-182

Wednesday: Grandma Forgets Her Glasses, Activities  

Thursday: Baptismal Class 

Friday: Community Service Day

Math: Chapter 6 Test April 10 


Monday: 6.1-6.2 Quiz, 6.3 Activity, 6.3 Day 1

Tuesday: 6.3 Day 2

Wednesday: 6.3 Practice, 6.4 Activity

Thursday: 6.4 Lesson

Friday: Community Service Day

Social Studies: Last Week for the Greeks!

Monday: History Fair Preparation: Review Research Reports for Printing 

Tuesday: Print Research Reports

Wednesday: Early Presentations

Thursday: Present History Fair Projects during class; Open House from 5:30 to 7:00   

Friday: Community Service  

Reading: Amos Fortune, Free Man

Monday: Read letter to Amos, turn in books, and take AR Quiz

Tuesday: Library Time, Athens Play TBA

Wednesday: Buddies

Thursday: Library Time, prepare for Open House/History Fair


Memory Verse

No Memory Verse This Week

(Open House/History Fair Preparation)